Monday, December 3, 2007


Check out Fall Out Boy's new video. It is based on Invisible Children. The video is #6 on VH1 count down - which is awesome, not only for Fall Out Boy, but also because hopefully it is helping to being light to the problem facing Northern Uganda (and other areas). The video is approx. 5 and a half minutes long, but I would definitely recommend watching it. They have disabled the ability for me to embed it on my blog, but check it out here.The song is Me & You.

An article about the video:

Fall Out Boy's New Video Shines Spotlight on Use of Child Soldiers
Fall Out Boy's latest video "Me and You," debuting today on AOL Music, was filmed in the African nation of Uganda and is designed to draw attention to the forced use of children as soldiers in war. The video makes its point through the unfolding of a love story between 2 young teens.

In northern Uganda, a group calling itself the Lord's Resistance Army has abducted in the range of 20,000 children to use as soldiers. A group called Invisible Children is working to end this horrific practice. They collaborated with Fall Out Boy on producing the video for "Me and You," and a team from the organization traveled with this summer's Warped Tour to call attention to the problem.

Fall Out Boy are just one of many bands and performers that continue to use the power of popular music to help make a positive difference in today's world. Join me in applauding their efforts!

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