Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Not in the mood

For some reason, today has been down in the dumps. It started off poorly, that I had to park down the street because my parking spot at the apartment was taken, and just continued down from there. When I got to work I was checking my back account and saw there was a charge I was unfamiliar with, so I called the phone number that was associated with. It was a charge for a membership I had cancelled over 3 weeks ago and therefore should not have been called. I spent the first 20 minutes of being at work trying to explain to incompetent individuals that I already cancelled the membership and therefore deserved a refund. After being transferred from person to person they finally told me they would not issue me a refund. When I heard that I thought I would go to the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint (maybe they could get somewhere with these people because they obviously aren't listening to me). Then our system have been up and down since Friday at work, so everyone is on edge because we can't get things done that we need to to accomplish our jobs. Then at lunch I was trying to get my taxes done and have run into MANY problems, seeing that I moved to California in May and have to file with California, Michigan, and the fed. Maybe it is the rainy weather, or lack of sleep, I don't know, but I just can't get out of this slump. Oh well, maybe tomorrow will be a better day.


Land Sea Collective said...

Cheer up Sally!!!! Lets just burn the credit card peoples building and then not pay any taxes!!!!!!! We will ride camels around in the desert!!!!!!! <3

Ernie B said...

Carla, hey your going to have a few more days like this in your lifetime. God is just testing you to see how strong willed you are. Really he wouldnt give you a plate that you cant handle, and most importantly what counts the most is hitting the pillow tonite thanking god for the day that you had and waking up tomorrow morning starting a whole new day. Enuff Said