Wednesday, February 7, 2007

PJP Updates

(My dad's initials, if you were confused) I just got off the phone with my parents. My dad is doing better. He is still on the liquid diet, but the doc thinks he might be able to go to solids tomorrow. When he got to the hospital he had a bunch of IVs in his arm. Apparently, some of the liquid that was supposed to be going in to his blood stream was just going into his arm (I guess normally they put the IVs into deeper veins, but since he had so many they didn't move them). Now his arm is very tense and red. For the past couple of days he has had to have heating pads and stuff on it, to see if it would help the swelling go down (they weren't sure if it was swelling or just excess liquid). He has to meet with the vascular surgeon this afternoon to see if everything is okay (like if they would need to repair the veins or drain the liquids). Other than that he is in good spirits. He mentioned he was able to shower and shave this morning, which I'm sure felt nice, seeing that he has been in the hospital now for over a week. His white blood cell count is still higher than normal (meaning there is still infection in his body), but it is lower than yesterday, so hopefully it will just keep going down. Once he starts his solid diet and is monitored for a day or so he will be able to go home. My mom said she would call once she talks to the surgeon today, unless they won't be doing anything and then would call tomorrow. I'll update when I have them.

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