Tuesday, February 6, 2007


I just got off the phone with my mom. I guess last night was a bad night. Yesterday they thought everything was going well, so they took out his IVs and were going to start him on a solid diet today, but that is no longer the case. Last night my dad got real sick, vomiting a lot. This is obviously extremely painful when you have had surgery, so they hurried to get him some anti-nausea medication which knocked him out for a few hours. I guess my mom left after that and he woke up a few hours later and wasn't able to sleep very well the rest of the night. This morning they took some x-rays and saw that he is having problems with his bowels and has more infection, so have put him back on the IVs and medication. He is now back on the liquid diet, which my dad is not happy about (since they originally thought he would be able to get out of the hospital today and now it for sure won't be until Thursday or later). My mom was on her way to an appointment, but was hoping to get back to the hospital before the doctor comes back and gives the next update. I will update this more the next time I hear anything. Please keep my dad (and mom) in your prayers. (I know that this is all overwhelming for my mom, having to try and be strong, running back and forth from the hospital to the house, and whatnot). Thanks in advance for your prayers!

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Ernie B said...

Carlee, your the one that neeeds the encourgement, so here it goes. Your dad is NOT a doctor boy. He doesnt get sick, so everyone close to him gets really stressed when something does go wrong. Understandble. I know things dont look so bright at this moment but know this.
YOur father is a very strong man
He carries Sue, Kyle and yourself and many others without any sweat.
I cant even think what your MOM is going through right now, as this is out of the norm for PAUL.
What I do know is Paul is taking this time and having some serious one on one with GOD, and he is praying for his family just to be patient as he will overcome this nasty infection.
As for your mother, Im glad she stuck to her heart and said "YOUR GOING TO THE DOCTOR"
Had she not done that, I would not be typing but attending a funeral service and with that I thank God daily that SUE is in his life to make the judgement call that she did. I know it wasnt easy but it was when GOD had a hand into it.
So like I told your MOM your dad will be home soon. It might be another week, but he will be home soon.