Sunday, October 30, 2022

Workout Recap - Week 44

Sunday, October 23rd – Rest Day

Monday, October 24th – 90 minutes on the stationary bike

Tuesday, October 25th – 5 mile run

Wednesday, October 26th – 10 mile run

Thursday, October 27th –  5 mile run

Friday, October 28th  Rest Day

Saturday, October 29th – 12 mile run

Folks... FALL IS HERE!! WHOOOO HOOO!! It's like it came all of a sudden and I am stoked. I have actually been wearing long sleeves during my morning runs (sure, I might sweat through my elbow pits in the first mile, but it's been 48-52 degrees before the sun comes up!). I also have done my final double digit run before the New York City Marathon - YIPPEEEEE!! My left abductor muscle (inner thigh) felt a bit tight on Saturday's run, so we will see how it feels on Sunday whether or not I take an extra rest day or two or if some extra foam rolling and the heating pad helps get it back to 100%.  

How were your workouts this past week?

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