Sunday, May 15, 2022

Workout Recap - Week 20

Sunday, May 8th – 28 miles of walk 2 miles, jog 5 miles times four

Monday, May 9th – Rest Day

Tuesday, May 10th – 4 miles (my PT gave me the go ahead to JOG IT ALL, but it had to be on flat ground)

Wednesday, May 11th – 8 miles of walk .5 miles, jog 3.25 miles, walk .5 miles, jog 3.25 miles, walk .5 miles

Thursday, May 12th –  6 miles of .5 mile walk, 5 miles jog, .5 mile walk

Friday, May 13th – 10 miles of walk .5 miles, jog 3.25 miles, walk .5 miles, jog 3.25 miles, walk .5 miles

Saturday, May 14th – Rest Day

In case you don't remember last week, I swapped my weekend runs around because my father-in-law and his wife were in town. That means my 28 mile run that was supposed to be on Saturday was moved to Sunday (since they'd be gone), which meant I had to run before going into work for the day... Ugh... But at least it is teaching me what tired legs feel like ;) Honestly though, I think having to be on my feet after the long run helped me work out all of the soreness and lactic acid, because come Monday morning my legs felt fine. (All of the time spent using the massage gun at the running store probably didn't hurt anything either ;)) This week was a cutback week, meaning my mileage was dialed back, so 10 miles on Friday was actually my "long run" for the week - WHOOO HOOO! (FYI - It got moved to Friday vs Saturday because a friend was staying the weekend at our house so I thought I'd get the longer run out of the way before she arrived.) I'm stoked the body is feeling more "back to normal" while I'm up to running about 75% of my mileage. PT DOES WORK ;)

How were your workouts this past week?

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