Sunday, May 29, 2022

Workout Recap - Week 22

Sunday, May 22nd – 15 miles of walk 1 mile, jog 6 miles, walk 1 mile, jog 6 miles, walk 1 mile

Monday, May 23rd – Rest Day

Tuesday, May 24th – 4 miles (my PT gave me the go ahead to JOG IT ALL, but it had to be on flat ground)

Wednesday, May 25th – 15 miles of walk 1 mile, jog 6 miles, walk 1 mile, jog 6 miles, walk 1 mile

Thursday, May 26th –  5 miles of .5 mile walk, 2.5 miles jog, 2 mile walk

Friday, May 27th – Rest Day

Saturday, May 28th – Nanny Goat 12-Hour Race

Well, let's just say this week did not exactly go how I would have liked. Last week I had the Bishop 53K on Saturday and then ran 15 miles on Sunday. They legs felt much better than I was expecting. At PT on Monday I did strength and weight training (which went well, but I could tell my legs were fatigued). As you can see, by my Thursday run my legs were donezo. I was supposed to have 6 miles (.5 mile walk, 5 mile jog, .5 mile walk), but as soon as I started my jog portion I knew I was going to have to cut it short. My hammy was acting up and with my 12-hour race on Saturday I needed to listen to my body. When I went to PT after my "failed" run, she worked on my leg a bit and I was hopeful for Saturday's event. My PT did mention that had it been last week she would have been fine with me shooting for 62 miles (100K), but with the issues that I ran into on Thursday she thought I should probably pull the plug once I hit the 50 mile mark - which is what I did. My body definitely wasn't at 100% during the race (more on that in the recap that I still need to write ;)), but now it's time to recover and train smart for these last 6ish weeks before my 100-miler. #WhereHasTheTimeGone

How were your workouts this past week?

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