Tuesday, May 26, 2020

An Ode to a Friend

The hubby and I have been BEYOND BLESSED in the friend department. We really lucked out and have some FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC friends who have become family (we call them FRAMILY), which is especially amazing since the majority of our family lives in Michigan {in case you didn't know, we met while going to school at the University of Michigan, but I packed up and headed West to California four days after graduation and someone followed me ;)}.


Since we were on our honeymoon when our church's Growth Group sign up was (our version of a Bible Study group that you "do life with"), we asked friends of ours who had recently gotten married to sign us up for a group with them. Little did we know that one decision would change the course of our future. I know, I know, that may sound a little dramatic, but the friendships we made in that group and because of that group have greatly impacted who we are today.

We didn't get a professional picture of all of us together at Rachyl and George's wedding, so this will have to do...

We like NEVER get dressed up, so you better believe we capture it whenever it happens...

And although we have some wonderful friends who live down the street, we also have some absolutely awesome friends who live hundreds of miles away. One such friend is celebrating a birthday today and I HAD TO share a post in his honor.


You see, Pavement Runner and I connected a few years back through social media (besides our framily, my most encouraging and supportive friends are those I met via social media, but anywho, that isn't the main point of this post...). If I had to guess I actually think our paths crossed through the PRO Compression ambassador program, since we were both part of the OG crew. I don't think we've ever actually truly talked about it before (and with my fibro fog I probably have forgotten any pertinent details at this point), but I'm sure this is how the story went... He probably reached out to me for something on behalf of PRO {i.e. working an expo, helping set up a meet-up, etc}, I probably fan-girled a bit (because he was THEE @PavementRunner) and then he got stuck with me. I doubt he even knew what he was getting into by being nice to me, but for some reason he keeps me around as a friend, so I'm not going to rock the boat and ask questions ;) (In the process of finding photos for this post, I actually got to the bottom of our officially meeting. We met at the 2014 runDisney Avengers Expo, then had an infamous meal at California Pizza Kitchen where I sassed a waiter {with a smile}.)

Left: Our first picture together / Right: Post-CPK dinner picture

But, in all seriousness, this guy is one of THE BEST! As of this point we have run ten full marathons together, two ultras and many, many shorter distance races. If you've ever run with someone for more than a few miles, you know what I mean when I say while you are running your walls come down and you can quickly talk about anything and everything. I am luckier than lucky to be able to share miles and smiles with this guy. He seems to be able to talk me into almost any race or crazy challenge because it means I get to spend time with my BRF (best running friend). He has seen me at my low points and I've seen him at his and we've been there to bring each other out on the other side. Not only does his friendship mean the world to me, but he has welcomed the hubby and me into his family (if you don't know his wife, daughter and son, then you are missing out because they are just as quality as he is... maybe even more ;)).

Just a few of the pictures from races that we've done together over the last FIVE AND A HALF YEARS!

One quick story before I wrap this up to show you HOW AMAZING this man is (just in case you didn't know that already). Remember a few months ago when although I had a qualifying time for the New York City Marathon I didn't get a spot. Well, before I was able to secure a spot via a New Balance rep, THIS GUY OFFERED TO FUNDRAISE FOR ME! Yep, he wanted me to be able to experience the race firsthand (instead of going to New York on my own and doing a NYC McDot Marathon) and was going to do the work of fundraising on my behalf. Thankfully (for his sake) it didn't come down to that, but if you've ever done any fundraising, you know it is NOT an easy task and he was willing to take that on for lil ol' me. I mean, WHO DOES THAT?! A best friend, and an AMAZING one at that, that's who! #HeRocksMyFreakinSocks

A couple of my favorite "non-running" photos

I'm forever grateful to have this guy in my life. If you would, do me a solid and go wish him the happiest of birthday on whatever social media platform(s) you use. {@PavementRunner on IG, Twitter, Facebook, etc.} He doesn't love when all the attention is on him, but, you know what?! It's his birthday, so let's scream it from the mountain tops for this one day!


Do you remember how you and your BFF met?

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