Friday, March 27, 2020

Friday Favorites

You would think now that I have less to "officially" do after being laid off that time would drag on, but I guess I have had quite a bit of things to catch up on because this week still flew by. I have definitely been keeping myself busy with cleaning, writing pen pal letters, getting workouts in, reading, etc... and, I've gotta be honest, I don't hate it. I mean, the bank account obviously isn't loving the lack of income, but I'm praying this time of home seclusion the country (and world) is observing (or SHOULD BE observing) is reminding us of how little we actually need and what is truly important. Okay, okay, I'll get off my COVID19 soapbox for a bit and get on with what you all came here for - my list of favorite finds. (PS Most of these things are great no matter the time of year, but specifically for while we are under the "stay at home" order.)

Peloton App

I know, I know, I'm late to the Peloton game (#RealTalk - I'm not planning on getting a Peloton bike or treadmill, unless one magically appears at my doorstep from a fitness fairy), but I finally downloaded the app last week. I was asking on social media if folks had suggestions of core challenges and a few friends mentioned Peloton had a 4-week one and they were offering a 90-day free trial of their app (no credit card required). I snagged it and have been using it now for a week, and I've gotta say, I am super appreciative of it. I have been doing the core challenge (5 times a week), mediation before bed (every night), stretching classes (trying to do them daily, but if I don't take an official class I am still trying to add stretching back into my nightly routing), etc. I know a ton of us runners often say we need to add more strength training or stretching into our routines but are too busy... well, now we aren't, so why not start today?!


Coloring Pages

I love that companies are putting together free coloring pages for kids and adults alike to use while we are all staying at home. First up are a few awesome designs from Do Good Be Kind. These are more of the intricate, adult type coloring pages I've been seeing lately. Next are the Keep Nature Wild coloring pages that just hit their site. The designs are some of my faves they have released, so I'm stoked they are in coloring format (there are more available than I included, those were just my top picks).  I also recently just saw that the University of Michigan Alumni Association also has some coloring pages available. And you can't forget about the coloring book that one of my favorite inspirational illustrators from Instagram (@PositivelyPresent) released! Now if only we had a printer and colored pencils for me to use.

Do Good Be Kind

Keep Nature Wild

University of Michigan Alumni Association

Positively Present

Online Drawing Classes

You may know this already, but the hubby went to college for art (he went to the School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan, while I went to the School of Literature, Science and the Arts). He's quite the creative guy (it'll take you all of about point zero three seconds to realize that if you ever have the opportunity to talk to him). I saw on Facebook that an illustrator of children's books was putting some drawing classes online for the kids stuck at home during the coronavirus and I figured the hubby and I could take them too. The classes are only about 10 minutes long (obviously you can pause them if you need more time on any of the steps) and they are pretty fun. After we finished the first one we got some suggestions from YouTube on other classes to take (like "How To Draw Pizza Steve") that we might need to try too!

Dropps Laundry Detergent Pods

The hubby and I are trying to cut down on our plastic consumption. We have been looking into refill stores that we can get things like hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent, etc. Well, we were looking into these options and then COVID-19 hit, so those plans were put on a brief hold. Thankfully I had ordered some Dropps Laundry Pods to demo while we were finding the best refill shop near us. We have only been using the Dropps for a week or so, but so far, so good. They are a zero waste, green cleaning solution that uses eco-responsible packaging, no unnecessary fillers or dyes, plus FREE carbon neutral shipping. We haven't tried any of the other products, but they do offer dishwasher pods, laundry booster pods, etc. Individuals and families can take simple steps to replace everyday products that are both eco-responsible and economical - which, if multiplied across a multitude of individuals and families, can have a measurable impact on the planet. We're in this together - let's do our part to reduce our intake of single-use plastic, recycle when possible and support companies that offer eco-responsible alternatives.


What are you loving lately?

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