Friday, February 28, 2020

Friday Favorites

Can you believe it is the final Friday of February?! For some reason it felt like January took FOR-EV-ER yet February flew by... I've come across a few things over the last couple days that I wanted to share with YOU! As always, no one pays me to share these things (wouldn't that be nice though?!), I just know I appreciate hearing what friends find helpful/ inspiring/ exciting/ etc, so I think you may be interested in my recent finds... Hopefully you find them just as amazing as I do!

Called To The Front Lines Documentary

I love what Ken  and the Free Hugs Project stands for (I've been lucky enough to meet him on a few different occasions and get a couple of his "free hugs") and was STOKED when I saw he released an official documentary. I would strongly urge you to not only give it a watch, but also really take time to think through how you personally can be a peacekeeper and difference maker in your own community. This world needs more love and it needs to start with us.

Hyperice Hypervolt Percussion Massage Gun

Let me start off by saying that I don't think I would ever drop the $350 that's listed on the price tag for this piece for recovery equipment, but the fact that I can use a demo gun while at work makes me add it to my list of recent favorite finds. If you ever look at my weekly workout recaps, you've probably noticed that my stretching and foam rolling has been non-existent in the past couple months. I'm not sure exactly why I "fell off the wagon", but ever since I stopped I haven't been able to add it back into my daily routine for some reason. Although I haven't been foam rolling regularly, I have been using this message tool since it has arrived in our store and I'm pretty sure my legs have been loving it.


Awesome Architecture

I am on an email list from Field Mag, which is a modern outdoor lifestyle publication for lovers of good design and the great outdoors. Each week the editors publish a wealth of original content to inform and inspire readers to get outside and explore the world around them. The last two emails I have received had some pretty amazing architecture in them - one in the form of a microhotel in the PNW and one in the form of a series of interconnected elevated tree houses and one-room cabins. The hubby and I always talk about one day buying a piece of land and building a little A-frame on it, so when I see places like this it absolutely makes my heart swoon. And just stokes my dream's fire. #HopefullySoonerThanLater

Left / Right

Camping Hedgehog

Sometimes you just need a little extra dose of cuteness to brighten your day... and this camping hedgehog will do just that! These cute pictures may just be the best thing you'll see today! And now that I've seen things like this exist, I'm pretty sure Walt needs some wiener dog sized camping goodies too! (Does REI or Patagonia sell pup sized gear?! ;))


What are you loving lately?

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