Friday, February 21, 2020

Friday Favorites

It's been a hot minute since I've shared some of my favorite finds - sorry about that! I'm still trying to get the hang of working outside of the house (for 30+ hours a week), not to mention my mother-in-law has been in town for the past two weeks. But, enough of my excuses, let's just get on with some of the cool things I've been loving lately. And GO!

SMDS Ribbons

Because first place isn't the only thing that deserves celebrating, Sarah Marie Design Studio created some new, amazing award ribbons! I'm pretty sure I need to stock up on the "Didn't Poop Your Pants" ribbons to give out to friends ;) PS If you want to buy anything on the Sarah Marie Design Studio website, use code "SMDS-MCDOT" to save 15% on your orders!


Emergency Contact/ Medical ID Screen

Okay, this may be old news (in fact, I am SURE this is old news), but I recently upgraded my phone from an iPhone 6S to an 8. Along with a slightly better camera and more storage, I also noticed there is a new feature on the "emergency" screen. Before, on my 6S phone, if you hit the "emergency" option from the lock screen you were able to call 911. Now you can enter some of your important medical information, as well as your emergency contact(s). Not only can you put in their names and numbers, but you can also call those contacts directly without unlocking the phone (in case the person is somehow incapacitated or the phone is found apart from the owner). Hopefully this is never needed, but it does give me a little extra peace of mind knowing that the information is accessible to whomever may need it if it is ever required.

Keep Nature Wild - Spring Adventure Collection

Yep, another share about some of the new Keep Nature Wild gear. I swear, they are always putting out some awesome stuff. I am loving the new Say Yes to Adventure, Life is Better Outside, Hike More Worry Less and Camp Hike Repeat designs. If I don't snag them in a tank or t-shirt, I at least need to grab the stickers of them. #DearSantaEasterBunny

Momentum Jewelry's #ShareTheSPARK Campaign

I have been a part of the #ShareTheSPARK Campaign from the jump and I love it just as much now as I did from the inception. You see, Momentum believes that everyone can benefit from a little extra show of support and encouragement. Their #ShareTheSPARK campaign is all about seeing how far we can spread kindness and make a difference in people's lives. Like I said, it's AMAZING! As an ambassador I was gifted a few items that I could then pass along to others in hopes to motivate, encourage and inspire. Well, let's just say I can't wait for the recipients to receive the goodies! PS If you want in on the action to spread the love, you can join in the campaign too! From February 18th until March 3rd, all #ShareTheSPARK Motivate Wraps will be on sale for $12, including the 2 new sayings! BONUS: Buy 3 #sharetheSPARK Motivate Wraps and receive a FREE Foot Note (no coupon needed)! I'm telling you, even if you don't want to "share the spark" right now, I'd definitely suggest stocking up on these wraps for future gifts - they're AWESOME!


Solar-Powered Plastic Removing Barges

I came across this article on Facebook (I know, you might be surprised that I click on articles other than ones about dogs, hehe) and had to share it. While removing plastic waste contaminates the ocean is crucial for protecting marine ecosystems, it is arguably more important to stop the plastic trash from entering the ocean in the first place. Fortunately for humanity, The Ocean Cleanup, a nonprofit taking on plastic waste in the ocean today, also has a novel solution for stopping plastic from entering it via rivers. Their solar-powered barge resembles a large houseboat and uses a curved barrier to catch waste floating downstream. The trash, much of it plastic, is directed to the “mouth” of the barge — which operates autonomously and silently — from where it rolls up a conveyor belt and is dropped into dumpsters. Apparently, it is capable of collecting up to 50 tons of waste a day. I picture it sort of like a whale eating up plankton. I know, I know, I would prefer we use LESS PLASTIC FROM THE GET-GO, but if people aren't going to change their consumption habits, we need more companies like this coming up with different ideas on how to pick up after the travesty humans create.


What are you loving lately?

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