Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2019 Races

2019 was quite the year for races. To start with, I had a goal of running at least 19 races (3 of which I wanted to be ultra marathons {over the standard 26.2 mile marathon distance}). By the end of the year I was able to accrue exactly 19 races - four ultra marathons (one 52.4-Miler, one 50-Miler and two 50Ks), one ultra relay race, four marathons, one 28K, seven half marathons, one 15K and one 5K. I guess you can say it was a successful, busy and RUNDERFUL year!

Avalon 50K/50M Benefit Run {1/12}

Rock 'N' Roll Arizona Half Marathon {1/20}

Mesa-PHX Marathon {2/9}

Griffith Park Trail 50K {3/2}

San Diego Hot Chocolate 15K {3/24}

Encinitas Half Marathon {3/31}

#Ragnar4Rett Ultra Relay Race {4/12-13}

Boston Marathon {4/15}

Silicon Valley Half Marathon {4/28}

Food Truck 5K {4/28}

Fremont Canyon 28K {6/1}

Rock 'N' Roll San Diego Half Marathon {6/2}

Black Mountain 50K {6/29}

San Francisco Ultra {7/28}

Diablo Trail Marathon {8/25}

Ventura Marathon {10/20}

REVEL Big Bear Half Marathon {11/9}

Rock 'N' Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon {11/17}

Lexus LaceUp Riverside Reindeer Run Half Marathon {12/9}

And with that, 2019 comes to an end! It has been an honor and a privilege to run all of the races I have. I thank God for the ability to not only run my little heart out but to also be able to do it with a HUGE smile on my face. Running is something I truly enjoy and am beyond blessed to have found an obsession a hobby that allows me to meet so many amazing people and see so many amazing places. Running has given me a platform, running has given me a passion, running has given me peace of mind, running has given me pleasure, running has given me a push to pursue dreams that I never knew I had (or thought I would be strong enough to tackle). Here's to 2020 being even more amazing!

PS I was able to tally up my mileage from the year and along with the 19 races, I ran a total of 2,202 miles (yes, I did count before the end of the year and then made sure my runs hit specific mileage so I could end on an even number [I'm that crazy] ;)). {January: 197.91 / February 204.83 / March: 238.23 / April: 138.41 / May: 205.11 / June: 244.28 / July: 188.23 / August: 167.06 / September: 187.78 / October: 148.76 / November: 103.67 / December: 177.73} BOOYA!

How many races or miles did you run in 2019? Or do you even keep track?

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Kim at Running on the Fly said...

Awesome year for you! I'm a little anal, and do keep a log (actually, an "old school" log that I have to use pen and paper for LOL). I don't obsess over specifics...so if I run 3.1 miles, I just call it "3" because I know everything will balance out (mostly) by year's end. My mileage is less than half of yours (1022), but that's what works for me :-) Happy 2020!