Thursday, February 14, 2019

How To Find The Perfect Running Shoes

I thought this was a perfect Valentine's Day post... You know, since I love running (and running shoes) so much and the play on words with "a perfect pair" {like a perfect couple or the perfect set of shoes}... but this post is more than a joke ;)

And isn't this "conversational Valentine's Day heart" perfect for today too?!

At Brooks, they believe there's no single "right way" to run - instead they think you should run however your body moves naturally. Makes sense, right?! Seems easier to go with the flow than try to fight your body every step of the way.


So they make shoes that match your stride, your style and give you the experience you are looking for - whether that's a ton of cushioning, extra energy or pure speed. They believe they have the perfect fit for whatever you may need.


And now you can use their Shoe Finder to match yourself with your perfect pair of running shoes! No need to wait for Prince Charming to knock on your door, it's as easy as a few clicks. You may even end up asking who adopted whom.


Now I'd always recommend visiting your local running store (let's be real, I'm all about scoring a good deal, but supporting your local running community is something I feel strongly about) to try on the shoe - but if you don't have a local retailer near you or you'd prefer to order them online, that's absolutely an option (and one you can feel comfortable with because they offer a 90-day trial run and on the off chance the product doesn't work, you can take advantage of their free returns).


I went through and used the Shoe Finder (it only takes a minute or two) and was paired with the two models I'm already running in - the Ghost 11 and Levitate 2 - depending on my answer to one of the last questions about the shoe impact.

Seems like the Shoe Finder works just about perfectly in my case... have you given it a try yet?! If not, I'd totally suggest you do and see what shoe the magical mind readers running gurus at Brooks pick for you ;) Then give them a try!

The two perfect pairs for me - the Levitate 2 LE and the Ghost 11

How do you normally find your running shoes?

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