Friday, January 11, 2019

Friday Favorites

Before the hubby and I pack up the car and make our way to Dana Point so we can catch a ferry boat over to Catalina Island (and I can officially become an ultra marathoner), I thought I would share a few of my current favorite things with some of my favorite people - YOU! So, without further ado, let's get on with it already!

Cute Shirts

My closet is full of t-shirts (I honestly don't think I own more than five non-tees), so when I came across these cute shirts from Shirtoopia on Pinterest I was hooked! The "Adventure, you say? Alpaca my bags" shirt, the "Be Nice or Go Home" tee, the "Just Hike and Be Happy" shirt, and the "Unicorn Vibes" tee are my jam! Is it too early to start a Christmas list?!

2019 Reading Challenge

If you read my 19 goals for 2019, you probably noticed I am aiming to read at least 19 books this year. Well, a friend sent me this POPSUGAR Reading Challenge and I thought it looked fun. I don't know if I will make it all the way through, but at least it'll mix up the type of books I grab from the library if I'm stumped on what to read next. How many will you mark off?


Plant-Based Fast Food

I'll be honest, I'm not one for fast food, but maybe that's because they normally don't have many vegetarian options (we normally stick to Subway or Taco Bell if needed). But, apparently, that's all changing! I heard this past week that Carl's Jr. and Del Taco now have plant-based options available at their restaurants! Del Taco has recently rolled out their "Beyond Tacos" and Carl's Jr now offers a Beyond Famous Star Burger (and you can substitute a Beyond Burger patty on any of their current sandwiches for an additional fee). Not all restaurants will have these options, but thankfully Oceanside is one of the current test locations for the Del Taco tacos and I've seen some friends in our area try the Carl's Jr sandwich so I know they're around! Again, I probably won't rush out to buy one, but it's nice to know they have plant-based alternatives!

SMDS Amabassadors

You should know by now that I LOVE me some Sarah Marie Design Studio, so when I saw she was opening up applications for ambassadors I might have done a little happy dance. In case you are interested in applying yourself, make sure to get your name in the hat soon - applications are currently only open until January 15th! I'm thinking that maybe if I get in I would be more likely to talk Sarah into making a "Run All The Miles, Eat All The Chips & Salsa" tee ;)

What are you loving lately?

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Anna S said...

Yay I'm doing the Popsugar challenge too!! Excited to see what you read for it. I always get new book ideas from your monthly book posts.