Thursday, February 1, 2018

REI's No Buts Night Run Recap

I'm not sure if you follow my Friday Favorites posts or not, but I mentioned REI's No Buts Night Run a couple of weeks ago. You see, REI was hosting a virtual night run with Ragnar and last night was the night to tackle our dark mileage.

There were a million and one reasons not to run last night. It was dark, not to mention Halo Top and puppy snuggles were calling my name name, but REI asked us to put our 'buts' behind us, and join them as they hosted the No Buts Night Run.


Shorter days mean we have to get creative with our running. The hubby and I grabbed our headlamps and all of the reflective gear we could find before hitting the road (a well lit road of course). We got in 5 miles and had a great run.

Hubby called it a "runset"... I LOVE IT!

I might look like a blinking Christmas tree while running, but at least oncoming traffic can clearly see me!

Not only did we get in some mileage, but we also made a difference while doing so! For every person who pledged and ran in the dark (we received a follow-up survey via email last night asking us to confirm whether or not we made good on our commitment), REI donated $1 to the American Hiking Society {up to a total of $10,000}. The American Hiking Society is the only national organization that promotes and protects foot trails, their surrounding natural areas, and the hiking experience. This was a simple way to help support a great cause with a national footprint.

It is no secret that I am a morning runner. In fact, I would prefer running at 3am to 3pm ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! But this challenge was all about putting our excuses behind us. It wasn't necessarily about going fast, or going far. It was about going — out of our comfort zone, into the dark, and beyond our wildest imagination.


Oh, but the adventure doesn't end there... You see, somewhere between the hubby unlocking the van door and grabbing out our water bottles HE LOST THE KEY! We legit spent a good 20 minute looking for the key and it was nowhere to be found... Then he suggested we call an Uber so we could grab the spare but I decided I'd run just the 2.5 miles back from the beach to the house... I mean, I already had all of my reflective gear on, I might as well, right?!

Not exactly how I was planning to get home, but thankful we live close enough that I was able to get
home and back to the beach within about a half an hour

I guess it was a win-win because I got in a run AND I was able to enjoy puppy snuggles and Halo Top once we got home!

The hubby joked and said I need to go back there tomorrow and see if I can find a #CarleesTreasures ;) We shall see!

What time of the day do you prefer to run?

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Katie said...

I’m with you, morning runner all the way. If I wait til the afternoon there’s always an excuse