Friday, February 23, 2018

Friday Favorites

It's Friday, Friday. I'm here to share my favorites on Friday! Wait, that's not how that song goes?! Weird... Anywho, that's what I'm here to do... share my favorites with you! None of the things I share on my Friday posts are sponsored, just legit endorsements by me of things I've stumbled across and am loving lately. Hopefully you find them as awesome as I do ;)


The hubby and I hold our publics lands near and dear to our hearts. When the Trump Administration ordered that Bears Ears National Monument be reduced by 85 percent, we knew we couldn't just sit by and watch with our hands folded in our laps. The first thing we did was donate to help fund the Bears Ears Education Center. Visiting the area is a MUST for us! When the hubby told me about this short film, we had to watch it! It's less than 10 minutes long and worth the time.

In response to the current administration’s decision to open up Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments to extractive industries, filmmakers Yeehaw Donkey, producer Andy Cochrane, and photographer Johnie Gall created the film Messengers. It follows 17 adventurers, three dogs, and a film crew as they run a 250-mile relay race across the desert in honor of the native messengers who used to travel this landscape by foot.

How-To Videos

I don't know about you, but my hubby STRUGGLES to get on his compression socks. Like, legit, it often times looks like a workout BEFORE the workout to get them on. I normally just chuckle and shake my head, but recently I showed him this video from PRO Compression and his world was ROCKED! Now he gets them on so easily and tends to wear them more frequently since he doesn't have to struggle to get them on. In case you (or someone you know) has a hard time, I thought I would share this GREAT video with tips on how to get on your socks ;)

San Diego Running Co.

You may remember them as HP Movement, but recently they changed their name to San Diego Running Co. I have worked with them a few times (they are the event production company for races like the San Diego Santa Run, Pacific Beachfest 5K and Balboa Park 8 Miler) and the guys that run the company are AMAZEBALLS! Anywho, they asked if they could use one of my pictures for an upcoming article and of course I said YES! Part of their mission is to make sure you have the best experience at their events. They gathered their 5 best tips to help you crush race day and I thought it had some AWESOME suggestions so wanted to pass it along - 5 Tips to Get You San Diego Race Ready!

Say It Forward

I was listening to Kelly Roberts' new podcast - She Can and She Did - last week and her guest, Stacy Stahl, shared her new venture "Say It Forward" and I was SOLD! Say It Forward is a way to send kind, uplifting, and unexpected notes to the ones you love. To encourage your kindness to continue, they send your card anonymously. Then, after your friend reads the note and smiles, they can unlock who it’s from in one of two ways: SAY IT FORWARD {they send a card to someone else!} or DONATE TO A CHARITY {even a dollar does the trick!}. Not everyone always has money to give, but everyone can share a kind word! It literally takes seconds! "Join the conga line of kindness by writing a card today!"


Be Awesome Unicorn Trucker Hat

Shoot, remember a couple of Fridays ago when I said we were in the process of downsizing/ simplifying?! Well, then Sparkle Athletic keeps releasing awesome products and I have trouble saying "no" so my closet doesn't seem to be shrinking... I mean, I'm pretty sure I NEED their new Be Awesome Unicorn Trucker. It would be pretty perfect to rock around Boston when I go (in less than 8 weeks), right?! #DearSanta

What are you loving lately?


Virjinia @ With Purpose and Kindness said...

Say It Forward is such an awesome idea! We all just need some positive vibes in our lives some days. Also, that trucker hat is awesome! That short vid sounds so cool and I'm definitely going to go watch. Thanks for sharing, hope you have a great weekend!
With Purpose and Kindness

Unknown said...

I love SD Running Company!! I volunteered for the Santa Run this past December; they were such a great group of people!!