Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Anza-Borrego Camping {Detour to Salvation Mountain}

The hubby and I have wanted to go to Salvation Mountain for a while. It's sort of like Candy Mountain except not at all!


Salvation Mountain is located in the lower desert of Southern California in Imperial County just east of the Salton Sea and about a hour and a half from Palm Springs. Salvation Mountain is Leonard Knight's tribute to God and his gift to the world with its simple yet powerful message: "God Is Love." Leonard's passion lovingly created this brilliant "outsider art " masterpiece with not only biblical and religious scripture, but also flowers, trees, waterfalls, suns, bluebirds, and many other fascinating and colorful objects. Salvation Mountain is 50 feet heigh and 150 foot wide and made totally of local adobe clay and donated paint. From its Sea of Galilee at the bottom, to the big red heart in the middle, to the cross at the very top, the reoccurring theme of "Love" is everywhere at Salvation Mountain.

The hubby wanted to do another desert climbing trip before the heat got too bad so we thought we'd head out and take the #AdventureMobile on its maiden voyage. Since we'd be in the direction of Salvation Mountain (although, let's be honest, Salvation Mountain is in the middle of NOWHERE), we thought we'd go there first before heading to camp.

Thursday afternoon we packed up the van and took to the road. Salvation Mountain is about three and a half hours from our house (and about two hours past where we were camping) but we wanted the adventure. It was a warm afternoon (only in the 70s by the house, but once you start heading inland the temps rise quickly and it was still in the mid-nineties when we pulled into the "parking lot" around 4:30pm), but thankfully the van's A/C can still pump the cold, cold air!

The "welcome" sign when you arrive

No matter your religious affiliations, this place is something to be seen! It is a hill of paint and love in the middle of the desert. There was even a guy painting one of the back areas when we were there. Donations are accepted "only if it comes from the heart." They accept money, but actually ask for folks to donate paints to the piece - how cool?!

You are actually able to walk around... as long as you stay on the yellow path (aka "the yellow brick road")

One of the little coves

Always painting and adding to the piece

The mountain is sculpted out of adobe and then covered in paint. Much of it has at least 10 to 15 coats of paint on it.

Leonard, the man behind the mountain, passed away in 2014, but the labor of love lives on. If you're ever passing through and want an interesting pit-stop, I would highly recommend stopping by. Also, Slab City is another stop nearby that I'd suggest checking out (we didn't have time, but next time we are that way we definitely have it on the list).

Now this is QUITE the #AdventureMobile ;)

After exploring and snapping some pictures, it was time to jump back in the van and make our way to Anza-Borrego. There is some BLM camping in Culp Valley that the hubby and some of his friends have camped at before, so that was our next destination... That is until we remembered that there was a restaurant named "CARLEE'S" in Borrego Springs (which we just happened to be driving through to get to where we were going). Well, let's just say that after 32+ years of never having your name spelled "right", if you find somewhere that spells it the same way as you, YOU STOP!


And now we could truly be on our way...

What is the most random detour you've taken on a roadtrip? 


Carleeh said...

Oh my goodness! I need to go there! I am so touched by their art and purpose. It just blesses me so to see someone using their gifts to boast the Fathers love!

And I get ya on the name thing!Mine has been spelled wrong my whole entire life too! What is it with people?! Lol always a Y, never a right! Hehe
Thanks for sharing this, I had no clue it even existed!

Terra Heck said...

Wow, I'd love go to to Salvation Mountain. I like the art and the meaning behind it.