Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Favorites

It's that time again... WHO'S PUMPED?! Another week, another list of things I am loving lately!

Chewy Lemonheads (Tropical Flavored)

I went to the Dollar Store the other day to pick up some mailing supplies and stopped in the candy aisle. I grabbed a couple boxes of Reese's Pieces for the hubby and then saw these Chewy Lemonheads. Chocolate isn't my jam, but fruity candies are a different story! [In case you were wondering, I think my favorite candy are the Sour Watermelon Slices that you can buy at Target in the dollar section.] I wasn't expecting much, but these little buggers were tasty. They sort of remind me of a round jelly bean, but not the 'old school gross' ones, more like the really yummy Starburst ones. Anywho, if you ever see them, I'd totally suggest grabbing a box to try.

I went back to the dollar store I had originally purchased them at so I could grab another
box and snap a picture and they were ALL GONE! I guess "you snooze, you lose"!

The Pizza Press

I found this restaurant a few years ago while at Disneyland for a race weekend. Ever since that weekend, every time I've been in Anaheim for a runDisney race, I make this a go-to stop (normally the night before the larger race as a way to "carb-load"). Well, low and behold, THEY OPENED ONE DOWN THE STREET FROM US! I don't remember what we were doing by the mall a couple weeks back (since we are not the mall-type), but when we saw it we were STOKED! We actually ate there for the first time this past weekend after we saw Patriots Day. Just as delicious as the one in Anaheim and 45 minutes closer - SCORE!

In case you were wondering about my pizza - Extra Virgin Olive Oil as 'sauce',
mozzarella cheese, roasted corn, red onions and mushrooms as toppings, then basil,
ranch and pesto once it comes out of the oven - YUM!

I had to upgrade my phone a couple weeks ago because it was possessed - like literally! Anywho, AT&T offered me a few bucks for the trade-in and I figured I could probably sell it for more once we wiped everything and reset it to the factory settings. I put a shout out on social media to see if anyone had sold their phones before and got a resounding "Use" back from the people. Well, when the people speak, you listen - so I worked with and sold them my iPhone 5S. Not only was the process super simple (you fill out a form, they send you a box, you ship the phone to them and then they pay you), but because we opted for an Amazon gift card rather than being sent a check, we received an extra 5%. In case you are looking for a fast and easy way to sell your phone (go check your junk drawers and see if you have any laying around that you could turn in for cash), I'd definitely check Gazelle out.


AMEX Kindness Calendar

Hopefully by now you know I love to #DoGood and #SpreadKindness. Well, one of my dear friends Linzie also knows this about me and tagged me in something on Facebook that I wanted to share. It's a DIY Kindness Calendar and I thought it was such a great idea! Now obviously AMEX would love for you to do acts of kindness that cost money and use your AMEX to pay for them, but these acts can definitely be free! This reminds me of my #Carlees31 Project I did last year! I might have to head over to the thrift store this weekend to pick up a frame...


What are you loving lately?

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