Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hawaiian Holiday

In the age of creepers, I try not to be extremely open about when the hubby is traveling for work, especially on the InterWebs. I know none of YOU are creepers, but they are out there and I really don't want to broadcast the fact that it is just me and my vicious attack doggy at home while he is gone.

How rude... He was caught sleeping on the job!

Don't let that smile fool you... He was laughing in this picture because he was
getting ready to devour a FedEx delivery man (legit, he loathes them)!

With that being said, Ry has been gone for a little over a week. He left two Fridays ago for the North Shore. I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but he is a graphic designer/ art designer for Reef. They are on location for a photo shoot (I know, I know, it's a rough life, but somebody's gotta live it). The team riders will be staying at a house on the North Shore for about six weeks (coming and going whenever trips and contests require, but that will serve as their home base). Hubby is there to get pictures for upcoming ads in some of their new product.

We FaceTimed when he got there. He wanted to see the dog... I wanted to see the view!

Technically the photo shoot (at least my hubby's part) finished yesterday. Instead of Ryan coming back home, we decided I would head to him and we would have a little Hawaiian Holiday! Yup, as you read this I am on my way over to Oahu for the week.

Ry will still be helping out with a few things and I have to work a couple days while we are there, but it should be a nice, relaxing (albeit rainy) trip. We even found out that there is a Turkey Trot at Turtle Bay on Thanksgiving morning, so you better believe we will be doing that!

I will have my computer with me (seeing as I have to work), but am not planning on spending a ton of time on it... I mean, COME ON NOW, we're in Hawaii! But just because I am not publishing official posts doesn't mean I won't be sharing our adventures on social media.

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How will you be spending your Thanksgiving?


Debbie @ Coach Debbie Runs said...

Sounds wonderful! Have fun! I'll be there I a few weeks, Kauai though, not Oahu (since I won't be running Honolulu :-( ).

Unknown said...

Have a blast!!

Storybook Erin said...

Have fun!!! :)