Sunday, June 29, 2014

Workout Recap - Week 26

Sunday, June 22nd – Travel Day (drove from Vista, CA to Lake Powell, UT)  

Monday, June 23rd –  Rest Day

Tuesday, June 24th –  Rest Day

Wednesday, June 25th –  Rest Day

Thursday, June 26th – Rest Day

Friday, June 27th – Rest Day

Saturday, June 28th – Travel Day (drove from Lake Powell, UT to Vista, CA)  

Source - katlouhod's Instagram

Like I said last week, this week was going to be full of REST! Sure, there was tons of playing with kids, swimming, treading water, hiking around on sandy dunes, etc, but there was no "official" workouts. I have to say, although vacation was nice, it will be GREAT to get back to a routine (I was already feening for a run by Monday ;) ). I'm running a Foam Fest 5K in 3 weeks and then the Dumbo Double Dare at the end of August, so I am going to jump right back on the horse today. [PS Sorry for the lack of pictures in this post, but since we had ZERO service I didn't even have my phone out once we pulled away from the marina, so all of our pictures are on our "big" camera, which I haven't put on the computer yet.]

How were your workouts this past week? 


The Silent Assassin said...

Soooooooo you're saying all you did was rest?! :)

nevie said...

Haha intense workout recap! Looks amazing though. Can't wait for Dumbo! My week was my first official training plan week for Marine Corps this fall... felt light but I know it's going to get intense fast!