Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sucky Six

Friday I had a LESS than stellar run. I was starting to taper because my next half marathon is on Sunday. I decided to go out for an 'easy 6' miles. I started off pretty speedy (a little under 8:30 mile pace), but quickly started feeling the heat. It was in the mid 70s and no wind. I went through a few neighborhoods that I normally don't because I wanted to add a little extra distance to my normal route and to change up the scenery a bit (the houses are HUGE and beautiful). Anyway, since they were nice neighborhoods the blacktop was new and BLACK. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but with the sun beating down and no breeze it was making me overheat quickly. I don't know if it was totally the heat or it being a long week or what, but I felt like I was struggling for most of the run. I felt like I was super hot and couldn't catch my breath - which made me feel like I could never really get into a decent groove. Every time I kept getting down about how crappy the run was going I would try and change my attitude by thanking God for the ability to be able to run (which did change my outlook a bit, but not how the run felt). I ended up finishing with an average pace of 8:40 - not too shabby, but I totally felt it the whole time. 

When I got home I had posted a Facebook status update about the crappy run. One of my friends reminded me that the bad run helps the good ones feel that much more glorious. Here's to hoping I got my crappy run out of the way and now can have a super race on Sunday :). 

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