Sunday, January 22, 2012

Soda Free

Starting tomorrow I will be SODA FREE! I do this every once in a while, but this time I think I will see it through. I think what started me thinking about it was that Ryan wants to do a 30 day juice fast... I am still not sold on that, but I figured, if we did something like it (or maybe like 5 or 10 day juice fast), that it would probably be easier to do it if I slowly had cut things out of my diet, rather than all at once.

I don't drink coffee or tea or anything else really, so once I cut out the soda I think I will be down to water and some juices (depending on the juice - some of them are probably worse than the soda). Sometimes I will do koolaid or lemonade, but not too often that I think I need to put a strict policy into place (at least not yet, hehe).

Today will be my last day of soda - diet, regular, caffeine free, etc. When I have done it in the past normally the first 3 days or so are the worst (because my body is trying to get over the hump - whether it is caffeine withdrawal headaches or just not being able to wake up).

Wish me luck :)

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