Monday, January 23, 2012

8 Years

Some days it seems like forever since I received the phone call, yet I can remember it vividly. I was waiting on the front steps of Markley to go to a Friday Fun Night (a lot of the kids from church would get together and hang out Friday nights). My mom called my cell. I answered and could barely make out what she was saying. Something along the lines of 'they are dead. vanessa and ryan were killed'. My dad had to get on the phone to explain to me what happened. The next morning Ryan (who was my boyfriend of only a few months at that point) drove me back to my parents house for the viewings, memorials, funerals, etc. My mom gave one of the eulogies at Vanessa's funeral. I know on an anniversary such as this it is easy to get caught up in the sadness and grief, but hopefully we can also remember the good times and know that we are lucky to have folks in our life for as long as God allows them to be.

""Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.""

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Anonymous said...

thanks carlee...<3 you!!!!!