Monday, December 5, 2011

Grama Rama

My grandma is in the hospital right now. They are trying to rule out what it isn't, to figure out what it is. My mom went over there on Saturday to run her around for her errands (like she normally does) and the door was locked. She went around the house and couldn't get a response. My dad was out of town, so she called her brother. He suggested that she call the EMT. The EMT and Fire Rescue had to jimmy the door open and they found her curled up on the floor in the bathroom. She had left her Life Alert on the bed post, so couldn't push it for help when she was in trouble. They believe that she had a minor heart attack, but want to rule out everything else as well (such as a stroke, lung blood clot, accidental overmedication, etc). My mom and dad have been at the hospital with her since it happened on Saturday (going home for sleep and a little break here and there). My mom brought her computer with her to the hospital today to show grandma some of the family photos and such on Facebook. Apparently she loved them all and was having a great day. My aunt posted a 'Christmas' shot of us grandkids from 1986.

The girl sporting the kitty sweater is my cousin Jennifer (who now has 2 daughters of her own). The boy on grandma's lap next to Jennifer is my cousin, now 25 years old, Casey. Next to Casey is my brother Kyle, who is about 3 weeks younger and of course I AM on grandma's other elbow. This was Christmas 1986.

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