Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas @ Dland

Although Ryan and I are 'ballers' (HAHAHA) we don't have the Deluxe Disney Pass. That means there are some dates that are blocked out to us (cutting down on the price - but if we wanted to go during those days we would get a discounted price, but still have to buy a ticket on top of the pass). Most of the days that are blocked out are Saturdays (they would rather get money from guests rather than letting is pass-holders in and filling up the park). The other times of the year that are blacked out are around the holidays. This past Sunday was going to be the last day we could go up to Disney before our passes get blacked out till after the first of the year. We HAD to make the trip to see the park all decked out for Christmas. We didn't stay for the fireworks (since we had to work the next morning), but were able to catch most of the characters in their holiday attire and see the BIG Christmas tree lighting (not to mention go on two rides that we haven't done before). Below are a few of the pictures:

PS I think this might be the BEST picture of Ryan caught on a ride camera :)

The rest of the pictures can be found here.

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