Monday, July 11, 2011


Today at lunch Ryan came over and picked me up and we went out on a Slurpee finding mission. There were 2 7-11's near where we work, so we hit those us.

Stop #1:

Stop #2:

Then after we ate dinner tonight we decided to go try and find some more.

7-11 #3 - BUST (ALL OUT)

7-11 #4 - BUST (ALL OUT)

Stop #5 - We finally found Slurp #3:

7-11 #6 - BUST (ALL OUT)

7-11 #7 - BUST (ALL OUT)

Okay, so we were batting less than .500, but I have to blame it on the fact that it was close to 7pm when we were doing stop #3 through 7, so while we were working, people were out pilfering all the slurpees. I guess we will just have to hit them up BEFORE work next year :)

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