Monday, December 13, 2010

Leaders & Legends

Not sure if I like it, but oh well.

Big Ten's 'Leaders,' 'Legends' divisions honor tradition of vague, intangible concepts

When the Big Ten decided to forsake a geographic split for "competitive balance" this summer, it left the conference with another dilemma: What are the new, six-team divisions forged by Nebraska's addition to the conference next year going to be called? They're not aligned North-South or East-West. They're not aligned along the Great Lakes or Great Plains or any other topographical lines. They're certainly not going to call them the "Rust" and "Belt" divisions.

No, the conference instead wanted division names that really embody what the Big Ten stands for, what it's all about: It's old, it has an amazing lineup of old (and often dead) heroes and it's committed to conveying its deep respect for the good old days. With that in mind, the conference on Monday introduced America to … drumroll, please … the Legends Division and the Leaders Division.

Obviously, you need a moment to let this milestone in branding brilliance sink in. Take your time while commissioner Jim Delany hunts down that annoying cricket.

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