Saturday, December 18, 2010

Computer on TV

Ryan has been bugging me for months to get the cables that hook our computer up to our TV. We watch movies or TV shows on the computer (mostly on and he always says how nice it would be to hook it up to our TV (especially since we got a bigger TV as an Easter gift from the McClurgs). I told him that maybe he should ask for the cables for Christmas, but he didn't. I suggested that we look on eBay for the cables (seeing as at the Apple Store we would have spent $100 on the 3 cables/ cords that we needed to make it work). Today the third cord came :) And we tried it. It works perfect. We will try and use it fully tomorrow (to watch A Christmas Carol). The BEST part is that we spent a total of $15 on the three cords!! WE SAVED $85!!! YAY!! Merry Christmas to us :)

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