Monday, May 3, 2010

UofM Graduation

President Obama spoke at the University of Michigan graduation on Saturday. I had heard about it from some friends on Facebook and just happened to turn on CNN right when the speech started.

Obama calls for civility, participation and proper role in government

As he helped send them from under uncertain skies into an uncertain world, President Barack Obama posed a simple challenge to U-M graduates Saturday: “How will you keep our democracy going?”

The third sitting president to address a U-M graduating class, Obama laid out three key points for graduates to keep in mind: government’s helpful role in people’s lives, greater civility in the public discourse, and active participation in the mechanisms of democracy.

He said the last ingredient was perhaps the most basic, yet also the one easily threatened by today’s “poisonous political climate.”

The rest of the article here. And of course you can watch the FULL ceremony here.


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