Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lame Rules

Lifeguards Fired After Taking Part in Funeral Ceremony

SAN DIEGO - Two San Diego lifeguards are outraged and fighting to get their jobs back after being fired for taking part in a funeral celebration.

"We were basically fired for participating in our friend's funeral," Aaron Quintanar told San Diego 6.

In February, Quintanar honored his friend of 35 years, Britt Clamp, with the ritualistic paddle-out: a traditional way surfers honor fallen comrades. He was joined by fellow off-duty lifeguard Hans Fernan. When they returned to his lifeguard tower to change, the boss told them they'd broken the rules. Because it was raining, signs warning of contaminated water were posted.

"I wasn't thinking. We were both hurting, went in and changed and went out," Quintanar explained. "If the signs were posted, we can't use the facilities to go out, so we don't look like hypocrites when we are signing people out."

Aaron admitted wrong-doing and was willing to be reprimanded but found out he and Fernan were losing their jobs over the violation. "It would be like firing a traffic officer for running a red light during a funeral procession."

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