Thursday, May 6, 2010

Baked Pasta

Hadn't made it in a while, so I figured I would make a batch :) And decided to take some pictures along the way.

Had thin spaghetti noodles and a little bit of small elbows.

A jar of pasta sauce (Sauteed Garlic and Mushroom), a can of sliced mushrooms, and a pound of burger crumble (aka soy).

Cook the pasta till it is al dente and the sauce is warm.

Mix the sauce mixture and noodles in a pan.

Add cheese on the top (approx 2 cups of mozzarella).

Cook at 350 degrees for approx 35 minutes (or until the cheese seems crispy on top).

Cut up and plate (with corn of course).

Now there are left-overs for days :)

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Anonymous said...

bring you recipe with you!!!!