Sunday, January 24, 2010

Monster Trucks!

Wow! I can say I have never experienced something like that before :). Who knew so many people were so AMPED on Monster Trucks! Tailgating beforehand, signs, shirts, hats, you name it, it was there. Ryan had an AMAZING time (I enjoyed myself too, but really was going just because I knew Ryan liked it so much). I liked The Turtle and Monster Mutt the most!! I took some pictures, so check them all out here if you'd like. They also had demolition derby, which was SWEET!! I would say Demolition Derby and Free Style were our favs!

Demo Derby:

The Turtle:

The Mutt:

Grave Digger:

Ryan's excitement:


Anonymous said...

your faces are priceless...hehehehe!

Anonymous said...

p.s. ya'll er official red necks now! north we come!!!!