Saturday, January 9, 2010

Feeding the Squirrels

Ryan and I went up to San Clemente this morning to do a little geo caching. On the way home there was a View Point that had another geo cache, so figured we would stop. We grabbed the cache quickly, but then saw people feeding the sea gulls and the squirrel rats (not their technical name, but what Ryan and I call them because they live in the hills, not in the trees, and are not big like normal Michigan squirrels). We picked up some of the peanut shells on the ground and THE SQUIRRELS CAME OVER AND TOOK THEM RIGHT OUT OF OUR HANDS!! I could have stayed there all day. I think next time I will bring actual food and maybe a cage to take one home to be my pet :) Anyway, here are the few pictures we shot (PS Look at my face when he was eating out of my hand - pure joy):


A little nervous when he first came over:

Ryan liked it too:

Here he comes:

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