Thursday, October 22, 2009

Christmas Gift?

Ryan and I are going to go look at my possible Christmas gift this weekend (if it hasn't sold by then)... Ryan thinks it will be better if I get a cheap scooter so that I can get comfortable and make sure I want one before we drop 'real' money on it. (And we can get our license with this one)

Here is the Craigslist ad about it :)

Hey now, that's a great looking pink scooter!

This little beauty is a 20-year-old two-stroke Yamaha Razz, a scooter with some awesome highlights: it's lightweight and easy to drive, it has an electric starter and a kickstart, and it has a boxy pink body that makes me want to take it out on the dance floor to watch it do back spins.

This sweet Razz is a 50cc so it'll make the perfect neighborhood cruiser, but be careful because all your friends are gonna want to ride it so its 900 miles won't stay that way for long. It's a “hit the mall with your jelly shoes and Swatch watch” kind of scooter.

Oh, the era of the Yamaha Razz, how I pine for you! If only we could keep this little scooter around as a pink mascot, if only there was room in our shop for a hot-performing piece of sublime beauty such as this. You smell, beautiful and you look glorious in my mind, just like that lifeguard I had a crush on in the sixth grade.

The Yamaha Razz is a tiny powerhouse that can be yours for only $600. It's waiting for its new owner at Motorsport Scooters, and it sheds one tiny tear at the end of every day we have to put it back into the shop.

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