Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Ryan and I went to see Up on Saturday (seeing as it was yet another May Gray day and the gross-ness outside prohibited us from doing much else than stay inside). We both give it 2 thumbs up. We saw it in 3-d, which was really cool. I haven't seen anything in the theater lately in 3-d, but I think it really helped the animation. Ryan saw another movie and 3-d and said that the animation in 3-d is much cooler. I would DEFINITELY recommend checking it out!!

Here is a review from the LA Times on Up:

As success follows success for animation powerhouse Pixar, the pressure to maintain the streak must be phenomenal. Will the next film be the one that stumbles, the one that breaks stride? No one need worry, however, about "Up," Pixar's 10th and latest effort. It's not only good, it's one of Pixar's best. Some films are an obligation to write about, "Up" is the purest pleasure.

Though films such as "Toy Story," "A Bug's Life," "Toy Story 2," "Monsters, Inc." and "Wall-E" are tough to compete with, director and co-screenwriter Pete Docter, a Pixar veteran who had a credit on all those films, was able to push "Up" into the pantheon. He did it by letting his imagination fly away. Working with co-director and co-writer Bob Peterson, Docter came up the idea of cranky 78-year-old Carl Fredricksen (voiced by Ed Asner) floating off to parts unknown when his house gets hoisted into the air by exactly 20,622 helium balloons. Try pitching that idea to your agent.

But what makes "Up" stand out is not just that core concept, but what the Pixar team has been able to do with it. Rarely has any film, let alone an animated one powered by the logic of dream and fantasy, been able to move so successfully -- and so effortlessly -- through so many different kinds of cinematic territory.


Anonymous said...

Hey Car,
Ya know whining about San Diego weather doesn't really draw any sympathy from the outside world where we all live!
Still love and miss ya alot!!!

cpm said...

Hey Dad!! I'm not trying to draw sympathy :) Only voicing my complaints... :)

Love ya too!!