Thursday, June 25, 2009

Disneyland Secrets

Walt Disney's Private Apartment at Disneyland -

When Disneyland was being constructed Walt Disney wanted to be able to stay nearby to supervise. Anaheim where Disneyland is located was about an hour away from where he lived so Disney had an apartment built above the fire station on Main Street where he could spend the night.

Everyone knew when Walt was there because of the light left on in the window of the apartment. After Disney died a light has been left on in the apartment window in his memory. The apartment has been left the same way it was when he died but it isn't open for public viewing.

Next time you go to Disneyland look for the light on above the fire station. The fire station is located on Main Street near the entrance. The fire station like all of Main Street resembles what it would have looked like in 1910 Middle America complete with an old time fire engine and Dalmatian dog.

Free Balloons and Coffee at Disneyland -

When park visitors buy a cup of coffee they can hold on to the empty cup after finishing and get free coffee for the rest of the day. Guests simply give their empty cup to any vendor and receive free refills all day.

Balloons that are popped or lost are also replaced free. Even if a guest picks up the remains of some other guest's broken balloon they can still present it to any balloon vendor and receive a new free balloon.

Hidden Magic at the Mad Hatter Shop at Disneyland -

Few people know that the comedian Steve Martin worked at the Mad Hatter Shop in Disneyland's Fantasyland when he was younger. Steve enjoyed magic and was a natural who excelled there as a salesman.

There is hidden magic in the Mad Hatter Shop. Take a look into the oval mirror inside the Mad Hatter. There is an animatronics Cheshire Cat character from Alice in Wonderland that is hidden behind the mirror.

Visitors see their own reflection in what appears to be a regular mirror. Then mysteriously all of a sudden the Cheshire Cat appears next to them in the mirror. Guests are shocked and surprised to see the Cheshire Cat appear suddenly next to them in the mirror and turn around to see it. However, the cat is not behind them.

Hidden Mickey Mouse Ears at Disneyland -

Disneyland is all about taking care of the details. Walt Disney supervised every detail and included many special surprises to add to the magic. When you first enter Disneyland you enter a tunnel. There is a plaque on the top of the tunnel that reads, "Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy." Walt wanted to take park visitors to a new world of fantasy. After guests pass through the tunnel they enter the magical world of Disneyland.

Part of creating a fun and magical land was installing hidden Mickey Mouse Ears all over the park. There is at least one hidden Mickey in each land. Sometimes guests might notice the shape in a wrought iron railing has a Mickey Mouse ear shape or a hedge might be pruned to resemble Mickey Mouse Ears. Make a game of it and see which one of your friends can find the most hidden Mickey Mouse ears.

Club 33 at Disneyland -

In Disneyland there is a private members only club called Club 33. It is located in New Orleans Square on the second floor near the Bayou Restaurant.

Walt Disney wanted to provide a private place to entertain his guests. Unfortunately he died before it was completed. When it was completed it was instead opened up as a private club with limited membership.

There are about 400 members and the annual membership is about $1,000. There is a long waiting list to join that usually takes more than 5 years for an opening to become available. Recently the cost of joining was between $7,500 to 20,000 depending on the type of membership.

Members who have reservations for Club 33 are given free passes to enjoy Disneyland for the day of their reservation. They also have a special parking area and of course are treated as VIPs.

Club 33 is decorated in early 20th Century style and some members have been amused by the bordello red velvet decor. There are special Club 33 emblazoned items all over the club that many members take as souvenirs such as the napkins and other items that can be purchased such as club rings.

Club 33 is also the only place at Disneyland where alcohol is served.


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