Monday, February 16, 2009


I worked this past weekend... Working 10-3 Saturday and 1-6 Sunday. Today is President's Day so we decided I would take the day off. I thought it would be a nice day, be able to go enjoy the day, but unfortunately the weather is NOT cooperating! We have flash flood warnings right now and it is supposed to rain all day... BOO. I mean of course the rain is good, especially seeing that we have been in a drought for who knows when, so the rain is a positive thing, but I just would have preferred it would have been raining here when we were in the Virgin Islands next week :) Hehe...

White, windy, white West

Heavy rain, mountain snow, and gusty winds will continue to impact the West today.

The heaviest rain and snow is expected across California through tonight, with some thunder possible near the coast.

The rain and snow will spread into the Great Basin tonight and tomorrow, with some locally heavy rain and snow continuing across California.

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