Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Flu 1, Carlee 0

Yep, I'm sick, and it STINKS!


Anonymous said...

Hi Carlee, This is one sick person to another. I have been sick for 3 days. I got my cold from MJ, but he was to cute not to hug and kiss. He is doing better. Dad/Jamie and I looked at your blog today. Hey the first guy we saw with glasses looked alot like Ryan. ha ha. His glasses look good and so does his beard.We are taking a few of your pictures from your blog to put in the house in Florida and to carry with us to show friends. Did you go to a Big Foot Muesuem? I would like that. Love you and your blog, get better soon. love Mom/Charlene

Anonymous said...

How do we send a blog response without it being anonymous?? Jamie

Katrina said...

Feel better :( :(

If you aren't up to bringing dessert to GG (or coming to GG at all this week) NO BIG DEAL at all! I'll get it covered.

:) Rest! Rest! Rest!