Friday, January 4, 2008

Daily Prayer

Ryan and I were at church this past weekend and the pastor mentioned something. He was talking about how he went to grad school(seminary) and how he prayed every day that he would leave with no debt. I thought that was something cool. I mean I would have never even thought to pray for no debt, because going into the University of Michigan I was expecting a lot of it. I decided though, that every day this year that I would pray to get out of all of my debt. Now I know I don't have 'debt' like for a house or anything like that - I only have 2 loans outstanding currently, my student loan and my car loan. I normally don't pray for things like this. I mean I don't like praying for things that have a definite date. I guess it's because I don't want to be let down, so I guess my faith is only wishful thinking, and therefore I don't have much faith in what I pray for (death spiral, I'm sure). Anyway, the reason I am posting about this is more so that I remember to pray daily that somehow God will provide in a big way and I will be debt free by 2009. I also wanted to post because it is something I normally wouldn't do. The reason that I wouldn't post about it is because I wouldn't want to be 'let down'. I wouldn't want to show non-Christians out there that might stumble across my blog that my God doesn't come through. No matter what fears I have about having my prayer go unanswered I am going to push forward and pray daily for this.

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Anonymous said...

you have more faith than you give yourself credit for! just look at where you are right now in your life little girl!!!!!