Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Favorite

Last week I went grocery shopping for the week. Normally I stick with what I know, some vegetable soups (check carefully, some do have meat broths), vegetarian chilli's, noodles, granola, yogurts, peanut butter, bread, milk, carrots, and apples (or something along those lines). If you have never been vegetarian or been allergic to something in common foods then you probably have never run into having to look at the ingredients of everything you pick up, but I have come across that problem lately. Even if things are 'vegetable' options (such as soups, sauces, etc) many of them have meat of some sort in them. On my last grocery shopping expedition I decided to look in the packages rice section. They were running a special on the Uncle Ben's pre-made rices. I found a variety that has no meat in it and bought 2 bags, just in case I needed something to eat one night and was sick of my normal options. Last night I didn't feel like chili or soup or pasta and remembered I had this rice in my cupboard. I made the rice and man, it is my new favorite I think. It is called Garden Vegetable. You just squeeze the rice around in the package to break it up a little, tear a little slit in the top to help vent the steam and microwave it for 90 seconds. I would highly recommend it. You should try it. It does have quite a bit of sodium in it, so if you are watching your slat intake I would try the rice in small amounts, but other than that it is pretty healthy for you. I also made a can of corn and a can of peas and added those in for added veggies. If you are ever looking for a quick side dish for a meal, (or are like me and use it as the meal itself) I would pick up a package from the store. Let me know how you like it.

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