Thursday, April 26, 2007

California Adventures

Ok, so I know I talked about going to California Adventure earlier in the month and it FELL THROUGH, but now I am serious! I went and picked up Ryan and I's tickets at lunch, so I physically have them in my purse. I am so excited about this weekend. HURRAY!! If you don't know what the park is, here is the link:
I love theme parks, well not Universal (bitter feelings, grrrrr), and get all gitty like a little kid when I get to go to them (check out the Disney pictures from the summer under 'My Photos' link). I am sure Ryan and I will take plenty of photos, hopefully we will get to see some fun characters on our journey!! California Adventures is next to Disneyland but is a separate park - it has The Tower of Terror, Rockin' California Screamin' and many other things (check out all the fun things at the site). We are going to go up there Saturday. WHOO HOO!!!

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