Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Christmas Came Early

You may have noticed that every once in a while, if I see a product that catches my eye, I will mention something along the lines of #DearSanta or reference that I know I'm on the nice list (in hopes that Dear Old Saint Nick comes through and gifts me whatever I have my eye on at that moment). Well, I don't know if Santa Claus has heard my wish list {Christmas is still a few days away but I am leaving plenty of room under our tree for whatever he decides to bring me}, but boy oh boy, apparently I am on the nice list with Brooks and I couldn't be more excited! #AlmostAsGoodAsSanta

You may remember earlier in the year when I announced my ambassadorship with Brooks. I've been honored to be a part of the team for 2018, and along with my relationship came some amazing opportunities. I was able to gift a running inspiration of mine a head-to-toe outfit, I went to Seattle to check out the Brooks headquarters and cheer on the athletes at the Special Olympics Opening Ceremonies, not to mention testing out some fan-freakin'-tastic gear! I really don't know how I got so lucky to be included in such an awesome crew, but here's to hoping my luck doesn't run out any time soon!

But back to Christmas coming early... A few days ago there was an unexpected knock at the door (and a first-class freak out by a crazed wiener dog who hates delivery trucks {maybe it's the diesel engine or maybe he's just possessed}). When what to my wondering eyes did appear, not a miniature sleigh or eight tiny reindeer... but a big, beautiful box from Brooks!

I sat down to open it and the surprises began even before I got into the contents of the package... See for yourself:

CHRISTMAS MUSIC IS MY JAM! If I could listen to it all year round without getting scoffs and strange looks, you better believe I would! I mean, how can you sing along to Frosty the Snowman and have a scowl on your face?! You can't... Christmas music just puts you in a happy mood! So before I even got into the goodies I was already stoked!


But as much as I love a great Christmas tune, I couldn't control myself, I had to dig in to see what was inside the box!

One of the coolest gift boxes that has arrived on my doorstep in quite some time (maybe EVER!)

OH MY GOODNESS, OH MY GRACIOUS! I saw the new Ugly Sweater Levitate 2 shoes pop up on the InterWebs a few days before this box appeared on my porch (and had been coveting them in silence), but I would've never guessed we would get them! They are AWESOMESAUCE! And I have been loving the Levitate 2 model (they were actually the shoe I ran and PR'ed in at the Ventura Marathon) so I am stoked that this AMAZING pattern came in a model that I can run in!

They even have tiny jingle bells on them! It's all in the details, folks, and these deets ROCK!

And look at the sweater! I'm always looking for a good ugly Christmas sweater, and although I wouldn't consider it "ugly", I'll definitely rock it many-a-times this holiday season! It is absolutely coming on our Christmas trip back to Michigan!

You better believe I will #RunHappy when I am rocking all of this gear!

Did you notice all of the extras in the first picture?! The sweatband has antlers to make me look like a reindeer, the wristbands have jingle bells on them so folks can hear me whenever I'm coming and the string of lights actually work!

And aren't those the cutest post cards you ever did see?! Running Christmas Trees?! 

The hubby and I have the Riverside Reindeer Run this weekend and I am sure some of these goodies will come in handy (probably not the sweater, seeing as it is still pretty warm in SoCal, but the rest of the stuff FO SHO!)! I can't wait to get decked out in all these incredible items for our upcoming holiday festivities (Christmas runs, tree lightings, a boat parade, gift exchanges, cookie decorating, and, shoot, maybe I'll even talk the hubby into going to see Santa at the mall with me!).


The elves at the Brooks headquarters really outdid themselves with this one! I don't know how they'll ever be able to top it!


Because Brooks is spreading the love to us, they've asked us to give to others and help spread a little extra Christmas cheer too. (Some of the items in our box even came with cute gift tags attached so we could share them with our running buddies.) As we enter this season of giving, they've challenged us to look for creative ways to help those around us.


Hopefully this is something you can and will join in on too! Let's clean out our closets and donate some winter clothing (or running gear) to someone who could use it as the seasons change. If you don’t have extra gear to spare, you could always donate your time, talents or resources. A few of the ways the hubby and I are giving back are by stocking the car with blessing bags, water bottles and blankets to hand out to homeless friends we meet, by leaving a goodie box by the front door for the delivery drivers when they are out and about during a long shift, and by serving at a homeless shelter on Christmas morning with my parents. The old adage is absolutely true - giving is so much better than receiving!

And don't forget to use Charity Miles (now you don't even have to remember to open the app - you can integrate your Strava with your CM account and it'll sync your workout for you!) to help Brooks unlock an extra donation to help under-funded high schools with running gear! It's FREE to you and sponsors donate for something you'd be doing anyway!


How are you planning to give back on this #GivingTuesday (or over the Christmas season)?

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