Tuesday, August 7, 2018


This year I am turning the BIG 3-4. Okay, okay, so I know 34 isn't a milestone, but any day on the "right side" of the dirt is one to be celebrated, right?! And, shoot, even if you don't think it's okay, well, it's my birthday and I do what I want ;)


Anywho, I did a project a couple years back (#Carlees31) and wanted to do it again this year. You see, for the 34 days leading up to my 34th birthday, I will do at least one intentional act of kindness a day (the phrase "random acts of kindness" makes me feel like they aren't planned out or thought through... hence why I call them "intentional acts of kindness"). I plan to document them on social media using the hashtag #Carlees34 so folks can follow along.


Now, since I received comments about it the last go around, let me just address something up front - I am in NO WAY sharing these acts because I want a pat on the back or someone to say "Go Carlee". This is NOT about me! I'm sharing about the ideas because I hope they potentially spur you on to spreading kindness to those around you. Some acts will cost money, some of them won't. Some acts will cost you an hour of your day, some of them won't. I am hoping to do a variety of different things, that way if one thing necessarily up your alley, maybe another one will inspire you.


Officially #Carlees34 will kick off tomorrow and I would love for you to join in! If you only plan to do one act of kindness, shoot for my actual birthday - September 10th! Let's make this world a better place to live! #DoGood #SpreadKindndess

PS I created a #Carlees34 Amazon Wish List for folks want to participate but don't have time or know where to start. The list contains items that can be used in "kindness bags" that will be given to the homeless, items to be donated to local animal shelters, books to be delivered to hospital waiting rooms, etc. Figured it'd be another way to get people involved. 

What's your favorite way to spread kindness to those around you?


BarkingMadRun said...

I love this! I try to do something kind at least once a week, even just as simple as holding up traffic to let someone make a turn.

Briana said...

I love this Carlee. For my birthday, I have been fundraising and volunteering with the Special Olympics, and since then, I have been trying to incorporate acts of kindness into my weekly routine. I actually searched your 31st birthday posts a few weeks ago for some ideas :) Keep doing you--you truly live "be the change" <3

Unknown said...

I loved this carlee I'll just do anything to make some kindness, at least twice a week, even if I move rubbish from the local communities .