Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Favorites

It's that time again... Not only is it Friday Favorites, it's time to start up Friday Night Lights! I love me some football (whether it is high school, college or NFL), so today is double-ly awesome! (Well, in all honesty, I went to the first football game of the season last night, but you know what I'm getting at.)

Garmin's Face-It App

Did you see?! Garmin released a new app last week and it is pretty AMAZING! The new app lets you create a personalized watch face for your Connect IQ compatible devices! Garmin’s Face-It app (available for Android and Apple products) lets you customize your Connect IQ compatible watch face with any photo from your mobile device. Download the app, choose an image from your photo library, add the time and send it to your device to set it as your watch face. Pretty AWESOMESAUCE if you ask me (add a picture of your pup, the kids, a sunset, you name it - it's your choice now!)! And let's just say if I can figure it out then everyone should be able to ;)

I know it isn't the best photo, but I was so excited that I figured out how
to do it (I'm NOT tech savvy) that I was a little jittery when snapping the shot

PROBAR Giveaway

I posted a PROBAR giveaway on my Facebook page earlier this week, but it doesn't end until tomorrow at 11:59pm PST so I thought I'd share it here. I love me some PROBAR but have been stock piling it for a while now and figured I share the wealth and do a little giveaway. Entering is EASY! 1. Follow Carlee McDot on Facebook. / 2. Like the image. / 3. Tag your BRF (best running friend). {You can tag multiple friends, but each tag must be a separate comment}

Five (5) lucky winners will receive a sample pack from me of an assortment of BASE and FUEL bars, as well as some BOLT chews. (**This giveaway is not being sponsored by PROBAR, Facebook, etc. I am just trying to bless some of my fellow runners with the surplus of goodies I have acquired.**)

Conqur LA Challenge Medal

Since I ran the Los Angeles Marathon last year I receive the Conqur Endurance Group emails, but if you aren't on the email list, hopefully you've still seen the post on social media about this bad boy bling (can you see the inspiration from the Olympic rings?)! If you run the Santa Monica Classic (5K or 10K), the Pasadena Half Marathon and the Los Angeles Marathon then you will receive this AMAZING medal!


If you aren't registered yet, you need to jump on it! Registration for the Santa Monica Classic is already at 90% (and once it sells out you won't be able to get this purrrrrrrty medal or participate in the challenge), so jump on it if you aren't signed up! {PS You can save on registration fees by buying the bundle HERE, but in case you can't afford to register for all three races today, don't worry, we've got you covered! You can still get the bling by running the races individually. The deadline to register for the bundle and to receive the bundled discount is Tuesday, September 6, 2016 at 11:59 pm PDT or until it sells out, whichever occurs first.}


Momentum Jewelry Sale

I decided to not extend my ambassadorship with Momentum Jewelry (mostly because I don't want to over commit myself or spread myself too thin), but that doesn't mean I don't love their products and rep them every chance I get. And they currently have a 20% off sale running until August 31st. Use code SUMMERSALE20 to take advantage of the sweet deal! (PS I would totally recommend stocking up for not only yourself but also for your running friends! These make great gifts and Christmas isn't too far away, so place your order today!)


UA Plumbers & Pipefitters 5K

My dad participated in the UA Plumbers & Pipefitters 5K in Ann Arbor last week. Not only did he break 30 minutes and place fourth in his age group, but he was interviewed and is now FAMOUS (okay, I might be exaggerating the last part, but the first three points are 100% real)! If you watch the video below, my daddy-o makes his cameo around the 8:30 mark. My dad mentioned it in his interview, but 100% of the profits will go to the Semper Fi Fund charity (and the UA decided to match what the race raised and double it with their own contribution!).

I'm so proud of my padre! He normally runs a single mile a day (he is quite the streaker!), but every once in a while he will step outside of his comfort zone and knock out a longer distance. HECK YES DAD! YOU ROCK MY SOCKS!

What are you loving lately? 


SD Mom said...

I love that medal! Please teach me how to say no!

San said...

I've heard of the FaceIt app and can't wait until I get my Garmin!
I also love ProBar (mostly the energy chews though).

I also love momentum jewelry!