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I briefly mentioned it in last week's Workout Recap, but I ended up swapping my Saturday rest day and Sunday 5-miler because my Sunday quickly turned into a SUNDAY FUNDAY! Since it was such a great day, why not relive it a bit through pictures?!

The only thing that can rival a #SundayRunday is a #SundayFUNDAY!

Woke up around 3:45am (Is it just me or do others ALWAYS wake up before their alarms?! Man, it's like my body "knows" I have something to do and won't let me miss it by actually allowing me to sleep...).

Although I always set MULTIPLE alarms, I would say
99% of the time I am up before the first one goes off...

Made my way to Malibu to watch a friend KICK SOME BOOTY in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon (she was rocking the running portion on a relay team). Although early alarms are rough, sunrises ALWAYS make them worth it, #AmIRightOrAmIRight?!

No bad days, right?!

Spectated the triathlon (If I am not running a race, you better believe I will cheer my little heart out for each and every person that is!).

Jillian ROCKED the running portion of their relay!

Who doesn't love a triathlon sand castle?!

Most of the team members for the corporate Disney team that Jillian was a part of

Jillian and I decided to brave the triple digit temperatures and head to Disneyland for the day to celebrate her accomplishments (Isn't it THE BEST when Instagram friends turn into friends in "real life"?!).


Pluto had on a vampire collar and a fun dog tag!


In an attempt to stay cool, we decided to hit up Splash Mountain (which neither of us normally go on because we don't want to spend the day soggy, but any type of splash was a much welcomed relief in the heat we were struggling through).


One of the "MUST DO'S" on my list for the day was Haunted Mansion because Jack Skellington/ Sandy Claws had already taken it over and it is my FAVORITE during the holidays! And we had to welcome back the Hatbox Ghost, right?!



Who doesn't love singing pumpkins in a graveyard?!

We also hit up a couple rides that are normally skipped, like Winnie The Pooh and Casey Jr (which I don't think I had ever been on before, especially not the backwards seat in the caboose!).

Never been on it before now, but it was a great little ride!

You MUST ride in the caboose on Casey Jr... I THINK I CAN,

Then it was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (always a MUST in my book), plus a few more photo ops and it was time to head over to DCA (Disneyland's California Adventure).

Maybe I was scared? Or maybe the heat was frying my brain?


What a DAZZLING castle, right?!

These backdrops are an AMAZING idea! 

We are HOT and HAPPY!

When Jillian asked if I had any fave rides at DCA, I didn't even hesitate to blurt out THE SWINGS! She chuckled and said she was totally down. We actually told all of the cast members on our way over to the swings and they were pretty pumped for us too!

Silly Swings!

Jillian caught me trying to FLY!

Then Screamin' was a MUST. I mean it has become a tradition for us when we hang out at Disneyland together... And who can turn down that AMAZING roller coaster?!

Didn't you know you could get your picture UPSIDE DOWN?!

After realizing it was already 5pm and we hadn't eaten all day, we made our way over to the Cozy Cone and grabbed some pretzel bites before deciding we would go watch Aladdin (they will be getting rid of the show soon to replace it with Frozen, so we HAD to say goodbye before it left).

Prince Ali!

Once Aladdin let out, we dropped by the Tower of Terror for a quick scream (seeing as our food had digested a bit) before heading back over to Disneyland.

HOLY CRAPOLY... I think the floor is gonna give... 

Although Ryan and I have season passes, we hadn't been up to the parks to see the new Paint The Night parade, so I knew I NEEDED to see it. Jillian hadn't seen it either (she actually said she was deleting SnapChats from people who were accidentally trying to ruin the surprise of the wonderfulness that is Mickey's imagination SET FREE :)), so we popped a squat on the cement (thankfully by this time the sun had gone down and the temps were a little more manageable... like 82*) and waited around for the show.

Nighttime is just so magical at Disneyland!

This was our "Paint The Night is COMING" face!

The parade did NOT disappoint. If you haven't seen it yet, YOU HAVE TO! I felt like I sat there in amazement, like a little kid. It was sooooooooo cool. My photos aren't going to do it justice (an iPhone picture of a light parade will never turn out amazing), so just believe me when I say you MUST go!

Tinkerbell led the parade!

Huge Genie and Lumiere

Mack! The back of his truck was ALL LIGHTS! 

Little Mermaid even had lights in her clam shells!


The rose was STUNNING! As was Belle's dress!

Oh, Mickey, you've done it again! I love when you let your imagination
run FREE! What a show!

And then, as if the day/night couldn't get any better, we scooted a bit down Main Street and the firework show started (honestly, it was like we had perfect timing the entire day with very little to no planning the whole time). The only other time I had seen the new firework show was when Jillian was out to Disneyland in May and we watched it from her hotel room. They actually closed the parks early that night so that the executives could see the show before they opened it to the public so we definitely didn't get the full effect (we couldn't see Main Street, hear the music, etc), but at least we "saw" it. But, MAN OH MAN, this firework show is AMAZING!

I told a friend who was taking her daughters to the parks in a couple weeks that although everyone wants to get as close to the castle as possible (and who could blame them?), Main Street is WHERE IT'S AT! The new firework show is more than just fireworks! Main Street comes to life and it is FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC! I mean, it even SNOWS! (Just like with the Paint The Night pictures, these are probably going to be pretty craptastic, but I am sort of glad the pictures aren't great because that just means you will have to witness the magic yourself!)

Have your cameras ready... The FIRST firework is a Mickey!

I mean, it's just MAGICAL!

Some algae grew out of the Main Street shops during the Little Mermaid
and Finding Nemo sets

Can you see the "snow" falling from the sky?! 

I know our castle may be small, but it is fierce ;)

SNOW after triple digit temps?! And it even smells like cinnamon! 

Fireworks make my heart smile! And Disneyland's top the chart!

After the firework extraordinaire finished, Jillian and I were POOPED to say the least! She had run a race earlier that morning and I had been up since before 4am, so I was actually surprised we were able to rally that late! The weather man was predicting rain for this week, so instead of staying up in Anaheim and have to deal with terrible California drivers if water was falling from the sky, I decided to hit the road. I ended up making it home around 11:00pm. WHAT A FUN-FILLED AND ABSOLUTELY PERFECT DAY!

Oh, and just in case you thought Ryan was sitting at home crying that I was gone all day, think again! He had an awesome opportunity to screen-print some of his original artwork at an event at Patagonia in Cardiff.

Repost from @SkyeWalker_Art's Instagram

And then him and Walt the Wiener Dog took a hammock up to the park to snooze in for a while. It's a ruff life that we've got, but some body's gotta live it ;)

Source: @Ruggedwoodsman's Instagram

But in all honesty, we are BEYOND BLESSED (and we try our best to acknowledge the blessings poured out upon us daily so we never take any of them for granted). We are so thankful for all of the opportunities we have been afforded and try to enjoy every day as much as possible!

Was your Sunday a fun day? Or what about a run day?

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Unknown said...

The post-Disney blues have gotten ahold of me since the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend and your photos help me to re-experience the magic so thanks so much for this post! It's crazy how different of a park it seems just a couple weeks later as it's all decked out for fall.
Also, I just wanted to let you know how cool it is to follow a fellow runner who loves Jesus and is so encouraging :) It's comforting to know others out there I can identify with.