Tuesday, May 14, 2013

ROC Race

Ryan and I did the Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge 5K this past Saturday at the Del Mar Race Track/ Fairgrounds with two of our friends. We were all really looking forward to it.

We had a blast. The obstacles were a lot of fun – and it was a reminder of why I got into fitness in the first place. I actually even ran the race in Aqua Socks (since I didn’t want to ruin my running shoes and I figured it might be helpful with all of the water portions of the course). [I would say it was neither a race nor was it serious, but as long as you went in expecting it just to be a good time and nothing more it was great.]

There were a couple drawbacks. I feel like a lot of it was a “hurry up and wait” mentality. There were 17 obstacles, so you were probably only running like a quarter mile at a time, but then there would be a big wait for the actual obstacles. Ryan was saying that they probably should have had two sets of obstacles (like next to each other) and that could have alleviated some of the wait time.

People standing around waiting for the obstacles (this was actually the last one - the World's Largest Inflatable Slide into the finish line :) )

My favorite obstacle was the Cool Runnings one. You had to run up a hill with a big tube and then you slide down a big tarp on the tube into a pool of water. Of course we got SOAKED, but we had a great time.

I am on the left and Cassi is on the right
We brought our waterproof camera that we got for Christmas along for the course [thanks mom and dad]. Unfortunately about half way through the memory card had filled up, so we didn’t get to document the entire thing. The one part I WISH I would have gotten was Ryan ROCKING the Wrecking Ball. (You had to run across a pool of water on spinning barrels with large balls swinging and trying to knock you off – it really reminded me of the show Wipeout.) Ryan made it ALL THE WAY. (I think I made it about 3 or 4 barrels in before I fell into the pool.) There was a photographer at the platform though, so hopefully they got a picture of him kicking booty that we could grab.

Courtesy of ROC Race's Website

After the race there was this cool Foam Bath by Dr. Bronner’s (an awesome, natural company). You went and stood in this like clear trailer that didn’t have a lid, and then they hosed you down with their foaming soap and then rinsed you down with warm water from hoses. It didn’t clean off all the grit, but it was a fun little foam shower party with 100 of our new friends that did make you feel a little cleaner, hehe.

We took about 30 pictures, but these are some of the best ones.

Ryan on the Gorilla Bars (with some of the gorillas)
Ryan found a hard hat along the way and of course had to wear it. We were soaked at this point...

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