Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lantern Update

Originally we had gotten some little clear hooks to hold the lantern cords to the wall (you know the type, sticky backs, pull the tab down to release them) and I did not like the way they were working. They didn't hold the cord tight enough so it was still looking pretty loosey-goosey. Last night Ry went over to Lowes and returned the clips and picked up some speaker wire clips. They have a little nail (so yes, we had to put a few holes in the wall for this project, but hey, we can do it, IT'S OUR HOUSE) on one side that anchors it to the wall.

We put in a few more than the original hooks (which may have also been the problem with them, we didn't have enough) - maybe 6 of them instead of the original 3 hooks. 

I have to say, it looks pretty legit and professional. I really like the way it looks now [before this I was loving the lights, but hating the cords]. We also think that now that the power cord is out of the packaging, hopefully it will relax a little (it seemed like it had some kinks in it from the way it was originally wrapped up, so we figured now that we are forcing it straight it will probably take a while, but I think it will get there). 

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