Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Physical Therapy [I know this sounds weird, but I have been having some issues for a while now and not that the physical therapy has been working 100%, but I feel like my therapist has really helped me at least look at the issues in a positive, and not totally helpless, light]

Street Fairs [The Carlsbad Street Fair is Sunday. I love walking around, looking at all the goodies - even though I never buy anything. The people watching is so fun too. Hopefully the weather will be nice and we can just ride our bikes over - for some reason I feel like last year they had bike valet... hmm...]

Tigers Gear [This past weekend we were shopping for birthday, mother's day and father's day gifts and I came across this PAWS shirt. It was the only one in the store and it fit me. It was meant to be! How cool is it to find your hometown gear when you are thousands of miles from your hometown.]

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