Monday, May 28, 2012

Save The Sing-Off

BUMMER! The Sing-Off was NOT brought back for another season. Good news - we can try to save it! "Sign" the petition below by clicking on the link and entering your name and email address.

Save The Sing-Off!

The Sing-Off, outside of being the one of the networks 3rd highest rated shows commanding upwards of at least 4 to 6 MILLION viewers, is one of the most positive shows on television. 

It is an instrumental part of developing a stronger appreciation for the arts at a time when the teaching of art and music is under attack at almost every level. 

While other entertainment venues of its kind rely on either negativity, or dumbing down of the skill involved in the art-form, The Sing-Off fosters a real standard of quality in those that tread across its stage. The past contestants of The Sing-Off have shown themselves to be resilient practitioners of A Cappella music and stalwart champions of music in education. They have shown depth of character in helping their fellow competitors, long after the end of their respective seasons. They have gone around the world to help show that music can truly be the universal language. Help this continue! Sign this petition, and help convince the NBC network that The Sing-Off deserves another season. 

Thank you for joining the effort!

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