Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wreath Part 2

So this is what I used to make my first homemade wreath (sorry I didn't take an process shots, but I am probably going to do it again, so I will try and take more pictures then):

Plumbing installation ($1.29 for 6 feet, I think I used about 2 feet - from Lowes):

Replacement Christmas bulbs ($.69 for 8, I used 7 of them - from a thrift store):

Grey yarn ($2.49 for 244 yards, I think I used maybe half - from Michaels):

Total spent (even though I have left overs of all of the parts I used) = $4.47

Now for the pictures of the 'finished' project [the quotes because we haven't hung it yet. It is pretty Christmas-y with the bulbs, so we may wait a couple weeks. Also, I don't know if I want it inside (like on the porch doors) or outside (on the front door)]:

What do you think? Pretty good for my first try, huh? I think next time I may use a pool noodle and see if I like the thicker wreath or the thinner wreath better. I am very proud of what I did! [PS Yes the pictures are from Ry's phone, so they are a little blurry - sorry bout that]

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